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Plasma Cutting Services

As long-time metal fabricators we know that plate cutting is normally involved in the majority of stainless and carbon steel fabrication work. For precise and fast production, we use a computer-programmed plasma cutting table.

Our automated plasma cutter is a Retro Systems model SH72-PDR5. Table size is 6' x 13'. The cutting head system can process carbon or staineess steel. Maximum plate thickness using the plasma head is 2-1/2". But, up to 4" thickness can be cut using the alternate oxygen/acetylene torch head. Both types of cutters are mounted on the carriage assembly, and can be switched with simple computer commands.

We can cut any shape or design using .dxf format CAD drawings provided by the customer. If CAD files are not available we can usually prepare the drawings from specified information.

As a rule, plasma-cut holes must be the same size or larger diameter than the plate thickness. Holes that are lesser in diameter than plate thickness must be torch-cut or drilled. We can drill and tap holes in thicker and larger plate sizes using our Bickford radial arm drill press.

The company's plasma table technician has 6 years of operating experience. We are geared for processing any size of project, from large and complex work orders to small, simple parts.

Whatever plate cutting work fits your need, Specialty Welding, Inc. is equipped and ready to fabricate. Call us to discuss your project and see what we can do for you.

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Plasma cutting by Specialty Welding, Inc. Custom pipe flange by Specialty Welding, Inc. Custom auger guard by Specialty Welding, Inc. Plasma cutting table - Specialty Welding, Inc.

Plasma Cutting Services
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