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Waterjet Cutting Services

Specialty Welding, Inc. produces a wide variety of products from various materials using a computer-programmed waterjet cutting table. Our machine works with pressurized water and garnet, which can cut nearly any type of material with precision accuracy.

SWI is a proven, reliable resource for fabricated precision parts and decorative products using waterjet cutting technology. Our customers range from the Western US states to Eastern Canada. 

We are able to inset metal designs into stone, composite, glass or other materials. An example of this is shown in the Military Sign photo below. Relief effects and contrasting textures can be produced using multiple layers of material. This method was used in creating the Championship Buckle and Elk Emblem items. Many other decorative or functional products can be made using a combination of our waterjet cutting table and other shop equipment.

The company's WaterJet Technician has more than 12 years experience in waterjet cutting services. The machine we use is a 60,000 PSI, single head cutter, capable of processing most materials from a precise, computer generated design. 

Information about our WaterJet cutting machine:

 Table size:  6' x 13' (1.83 meters)
 Maximum cut thickness:  8 inches (20.3 cm)
 Maximum steel cut:  4 inches (10.1 cm)
 Minimum kerf size:  .030 inches (.762 mm)
 Accuracy:  *.005 inches (.127 mm)
 Minimum hole size:  3/32 inches (2.381 mm)
 Programming format:  .DXF

* Accuracy may vary according to certain factors. If your project has rigid tolerance requirements, or uses unusual material, we are your best bet for excellent results.

Our many years of experience and depth in technical knowledge enables SWI to handle nearly any type of cutting and fabrication project. Contact our office now to discuss ways that we can fulfill your fabrication requirements. 

Pictured below are a few past fabrication jobs we've completed using our waterjet cutting table. Click on an image to view a larger size.

Plasma Cutting Services
AISC Certified
ISNetworld Certified
ASME Certified R Stamp for Boiler
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